Snorkelling Masks - Which do I buy ?

Finding the correct fitting snorkelling mask can be a very personal thing and a mask that fits one face may not suit another.

One thing to bear in mind is it’s not the most expensive or best looking mask that is the one to go for but simply the one that fits you the best, even if it happens to be the most basic of models. 

The industry method of trying a mask for fit is a simple process, simply take the strap of the mask and gently place it to the front of the lenses leaving the skirt free, then gently place the mask on your face making sure any hair is kept out of the silicone seal. Inhale gently through your nose and you should feel the mask create an air tight seal against your face. If it seals then it should be a good fit for you. Make sure the frame fits fine on your face and does not press against the forehead.

It is also worth noting that users with facial hair may have a harder job finding a good fitting mask than someone with a smooth face, and it is sometimes worth moving the mask around slightly to find a better fit, as I find that something as simple as moving the skirt just a few mm above a moustache can make all the difference.  I find that some customers with facial hair favoured a standard silicone rather than the later super soft type simply because the rigidity of the standard silicone seemed to adhere better with some customers with facial / moustaches.





FULL FACE SNORKELLING MASK (Not suitable for Scuba)


Things to look for in a mask -

Tempered Glass - Safety first simply don't accept anything less. All our diving and snorkelling masks are fitted with Tempered glass with the exception of the Full Face style which come with Polycarbonate lenses which is industry standard in this style.

Silicone Skirt - Silicone makes a mask more comfortable on the face and creates a better seal in most cases. Most high end masks come fitted with silicone as standard, some softer than others. New ultra soft silicone skirts such as Freedom from Tusa and Liquid Skin from Mares are very very comfortable

Buckles - Easy to adjust buckles are a must and you will be glad to know that nowadays most of the larger manufacturers fit this style of buckle as standard

CE Approval - Always look for the CE mark. Masks sold within Europe must carry this marking as standard and give piece of mind knowing that the mask has been tested to the most rigorous of standards. 

Reputable Manufacturer - Always look for a brand name that can offer backup and service should you ever need to repair of replace parts of a mask. The top brands always offer a wide range of spares that can be obtained, even years after that model has been discontinued. We can still get parts for some masks that were last sold years and years ago. Regarding the popular recent Full Face design of masks, I have noticed a surge in this style of mask for sale at low prices on some websites, mostly abroad but some are listed for sale in this country. Be careful when purchasing this style of mask as it is a patented design and relies on technology rather than styling, something that may be lacking in some of the unbranded models i have seen. I have been offered this style of mask from abroad and Yes they can offer me lots of marvellous colours and styles at low prices but never seem to be able to provide documentation of CE approval...strange that ! You can be assured that all the equipment we sell is sourced from UK and EU distributors and never grey imports, we have done it this way for over 60 years !

If you need any help choosing a mask or just want a friendly chat, just give us a call on 01642 485485 and we will be glad to help 



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